viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

The diamond dealer

I've chosen this picture because it reminds me of Aldobrand, the greedy diamond dealer, when he was checking if the diamond was real. His enthusiasm was evident when he first saw it, but he decided to test it to see if it was worth it.

He dropped  some liquid on it and tried to scratch a rock with it. He then told John and Elzevir that it hadn't passed the tests and that it was just a piece of glass with a maximum value of ten pounds. He was obviously lying, and John and Elzevir got so angry that they threw it out the window.

John regretted doing that, so Elzevir and him went back to Aldobrand's house at night to search for the diamond. They remembered that it fell in the garden, but it wasn't there -- Aldobrand had taken it! They decided to break into his house, but Aldobrand spotted them and called his servants, who fought with them. John and Elzevir were later taken to court and they were found guilty. They spent 10 years in prison.

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