martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

The Hoar Head

088-02 Fleet and Langton HerringThis is the hoard head
  • In hoar head is where Elzivir and John transport the casks.Elzivir and john go there instead of the bay of moonfleet because he think magistrate maskew is watching the bay of moonfleet and the chuchyard.
  • When they get to hoard head maskew is there becausesomeone was spiying them in the inn.
  • Elzivir unholster a gun pointing to maskew all the kings get paralyzed. Elzivr want to take revenge of Maskew and he said ``don´t move or I will shoot you´´.But Elzivir didn´t kill Maskew it was a king´s soldier shoot him in the head accidently.

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