lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Moonfleet Village

This is a small village called Moonfleet.Moonfleet is in the South of England,near the sea. In this village lives John,the main character of the story.He lives with Elzevir,his adoptive father.Other important characters in the story are Magistrate Maskew and Grace maskew his daughter. John lives many adventures, some worse than others like when one day he was caught in the Why Not Inn. After many adventures john falls for grace and grace of john, and they live in Moonfleet. I liked this book a lot, it's one of the ones I liked.Is mystery and it has suspense parts,that i like a lot. Moonfleet is a book that people should read because my opinion is very good book and very well. By:Elizabeth Romano Sutil 1ºE

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