martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Moonflleet´s churchyard

      Moonfleet´s churchyard

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                        This is the Moonfleet´s churchyard. I have choosen this photo because I think that the story begins here. Because John discovers the smugglers´s crypt there and Blakbeard´s track.At first,he scaried, but then he became ambitious beacause the great amount of mony.He believed that he could mary Grace (the girl that John  loved) if he became rich with the treasure.

This carry John and his friend, Elzevir, to do a very exciting adventure, where they are going to be catched and send to the prision, they are going to find the Blackbeard´s diamond, their lifes are  going to be in dangerous more than once, Elzevir is going to die because saving John life and finaly John marry Grace.


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