miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

The Why Not Inn by Sabrina Oliva 1ºE

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In this little village called Moonfleet,John a boy that lives with his aunt,discovers a lot of things.One day,John went to visit Ratsey,that was the person that rings the bell in the churchyard that is near the house of  John.He went to visit him because he wanted to know more things about a book he was reading  before he went to visit Ratsey.He told John about the Why Not Inn and nobody can enter in.After visit Ratsey John went to the chuchyard.He discovered the Why Not Inn below the cementery of the churchyard and he entered..He slept there because he fell down.The next day Elzevir,that was the father of a child that died two or three months before this,he found him in the Why Not Inn and he went to the house of his aunt to leave John there.The aunt of John said that John couldn't live with her because he entered in the Why Not Inn and now he has  to live with Elzevir.From now John has a lot of adventures and he discovered a lot of things and also a girl, Grace.

This book is really nice.It has adventures,discovers,love,... it is variety of a lot of things.If you want to read a book that enjoys you,I think this one that you can choose.

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