martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

The Why Not Inn

These two pictures remind me about the Why Not Inn, which is the only Inn of Moonfleet, the  imaginary village from the book that I´m reading right now.
The real name of the Why Not Inn is the Mohune Arms, but it is called like that by the inhabitants of the village. It is owned by Elzervir Block, but in an auction, Mr. Maskew, the local magistrate, bought it because he offered 170$ more than Elzevir Block.
The Why Not Inn  is a typical inn in England, you can sleep there because it has got two bedrooms, and also it is mainly for men. I know this because John´s aunt doesn´t approve of John going there.
It is one of the most important settings in this history, because Johnwnt to live there when he was fired from his aunt´s house.

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